We believe using high quality cocoa beans and minimal ingredients will reveal the true taste of chocolate. We work in micro batches to develop deep flavours and a rich smooth texture.  



Our model is based on quality, traceability and sustainability as this is not just the best but the only way to achieve a healthy and long-term bond with the producers, the environment and our customers. 



How it all started
Remy, Andrea and their daughter were living in Buenos Aires when Covid happened and their plan to go back to live in London got postponed as Argentina's borders closed the exact day of their flight. After a long lockdown and phone calls back and forth from Buenos Aires to Liverpool with their friend Tian, the family relocated. Remy started working at his friends’ specialty coffee shop and wine room Ropes & Twines when the idea of making his own chocolate for his bonbons began. Within a year of trial and development TABLE was launched in November 2021.


Remy is a Dutch graphic designer who worked his way up from pot washer to head pastry chef. His experience within the 5 star hotels and Michelin-star environments in different countries has allowed him to see many aspects of gastronomy through an array of languages and cultures. Having worked professionally with what he considered high quality chocolate for over 10 years, he has now discovered that we only know the tip of the iceberg of cacao varieties. 



Andrea is an Argentinian translator and copy-editor with a background in marketing and advertising. After working in magazines, the media and the digital sectors, a trip to Indonesia led her to her future husband, much loved daughter and a whole new lifestyle moving abroad. By living in several countries and trialling absolutely everything Remy creates, she developed a passion --and a palate-- for fine dining, specialty food, coffee and now chocolate, which she combines with her love for language and motherhood.